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What is SPLIT?

SPLIT stands for "SharePoint Log Investigation Tool". It can be used to easily search logs of SharePoint 2010 using a Correlation Id.
It comes int 2 flavours. Window-based and Web-based.

Window-based SPLIT - How to?

Download the Windows version of SPLIT and run it on the SharePoint WFE server(s) or the CA server. Run the tool using a SharePoint Farm Admin account. Enter the correlation id, time-span and click 'Search'.


Web-based SPLIT - How to?

Deploy the Web version in IIS7 using any port. Configure the Application Pool to run under the SharePoint Farm Admin account.
Navigate from any browser client to the SPLIT web site. Enter the correlation id, time-span and click 'Go'. All the log entries specific to that correlation id will be displayed on the web page. Unexpected errors are highlighted in red.


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