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What is SPLIT?

SPLIT stands for "SharePoint Log Investigation Tool".
It is a web application built using ASP.NET, which can be used to investigate SharePoint 2010 logs using a correlation id and a web page.

How to deploy?

Two ways to deploy SPLIT

1. It can be deployed as a window application in the server where SharePoint is running. OR

2. It can be deployed on either the SharePoint Web Front-end server(s) or the server hosting the SharePoint Central Administration site. You can chose a port number of your choice.
Note: The Application Pool must run under the SharePoint Farm admin account.

Using SPLIT.ps1(please find it as a part of downloads) powershell script. This will create a website

1. Deploying SPLIT.exe on server

Step 1: Please find SPLIT.exe file as a part of downloads. Copy the file to server and execute


2. Deploy SPLIT using PowerShell script

Step 1: Go to Start-->Windows Powershell Modules


SPLIT.ps1 is used to create website and application pool in the local IIS. If you want to change the website name, application pool and port no, open the SPLIT.ps1 file and change it. Then follow the below steps to execute the script.

Step 2: Edit SPLIT.ps1 file
NOTE: Edit the “SPLIT.ps1” (open it with notepad) file and change the path physical path


Step 3: Run SPLIT.ps1 script

Set the location to the donwloads folder i.e. Set-Location D:\Downloads


Step 4: After excuting SPLIT.ps1, IE window will popup with created "SPLIT" site URL


How to use it?

Navigate to the SPLIT web site, where you have hosted it.
Copy-Paste the correlation id into the text-box, select the time limit and click 'Search'. All the log entries specific to that correlation id and within the elapsed time specified will be displayed on the page. Unexpected errors are highlighted in red.


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